Fulfillment Services

Ellington Direct provides our clients with expert services designed to create a successful and lasting relationship. Our professional services may include practical considerations like inspecting products, labeling them, skilled packaging, and bundling. Simple, trustworthy, and reliable.

What to Expect from our Team:

checkmark-b-oSend products to our secure warehouse where we will review to certify shipment is complete and intact. Then, we supply electronic photography of the shipment and UPC codes for your peace of mind..

checkmark-b-oIf the listing for the goods is known, clients will provide us with the FBA labels in a PDF file. The shipments should not be created yet.

checkmark-b-oProvide us with the FBA labels in a PDF file. Clients also have the option of allowing us limited access to Amazon accounts to let Ellington Direct handle the back end work.

checkmark-b-oAll goods will be inspected and labeled as necessary. If bundling, we will make sure all components are included in shipment.

checkmark-b-oShipments will be carefully boxed to prevent damage, utilize shipping space, and meet Amazon guidelines. We can ship directly to you or FBA.

checkmark-b-oEllington Direct will send you a bill for our services. Payments can be made via credit card, PayPal, an eCheck or ACH transfer.